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Located on the corner of South Third Street and Park Avenue. A cooperative agreement between the City of Eunice and the Jean Lafitte National Park, United States Dept. of the Interior, was signed on July 1, 1985. Eunice agreed to work with the National Park Service to create a permanent home for the Jean Lafitte Prairie Acadian Cultural Center. The building is located just behind the Liberty Center For The Performing Arts and features extensive exhibits, indoor displays in video, “hands-on” craft and musical teaching workshops, slide shows and case format, which tell the story of our region’s French Acadian (Cajun) people. Cajun history, language, music and architecture are interpreted and the Cajun’s recreation, clothing, religion, cuisine and farming are also explored in detail. The center also carries a wide assortment of publications, recorded music and videos for purchase by the public. This Center is staffed by National Park rangers and operates four days a week 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m, Wednesday through Saturday (open 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.). Every Saturday at 3:00 pm the Center host a jam session with local Cajun musicians and at 4:00 pm a cooking demonstration of Cajun cuisine by our local chefs. The Acadian Center is used for all large scale programs.

For more information call (337) 457-8499. (Closed on Federal Holidays)


Located on the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Magnolia Street. The Cajun Prairie Restoration site in Eunice is an area where the prairie is being restored and protected. The project will insure that prairie plantings will not become extinct.

Visit The Cajun Prairie Preservation Society Web Site
(They are the organization that maintains the project)

For more information call
(337)457-2016 or (337)457-4497

Saturday Morning in Eunice
Every Saturday Morning 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

On Saturday mornings here in Eunice and the surrounding area one of the hottest places to be is at Savoy’s Music Center located on Hwy. 190 East in Eunice. Every Saturday morning beginning at 9:00 a.m. a jam session begins. Here in his own words, Marc Savoy (Owner of Savoy Music Center) a world renowned accordion maker and musician explains the story of the Jam Session.

“Saturday morning in Cajun Country was always a time when country people went to town to shop, pay bills, or just socialize with other neighbors. It was customary practice for the shop keepers to offer their customers a pot of hot coffee, hot boudin, hot donuts, etc… It was the proprietors’ way of showing the customers that their business was appreciated. As a small child accompanying my rice farming father to the hardware store, feed store and tractor shop, I was impressed by this display of appreciation and fellowship between customer and shop keeper.

When Savoy Music Center opened its doors in 1966, I decided to offer the same hospitality, even though it was no longer “stylish”. Since my merchandise did not include tractor parts, chicken feed or farm supplies, it was only natural that we play a few tunes while we drank a cup of coffee and ate some spicy boudin. As the years passed and Cajun music began to be discovered, the attendance began to grow to include out-of-staters and foreigners as well. The same pot of coffee is still brought out to the counter, but only the first to arrive have any hope of having a taste. Even though many of the original players like Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Wade Fruge and Dewey Balfa are no longer with us, their spirit is very present here on Saturday mornings.

Although nothing is rehearsed and everything is spontaneous, there is one fundamental objective, and that is to make available a situation in which an aspiring musician has the opportunity to play along with and be in the presence of an older, accomplished master. There is no scheduling or signing up of players awaiting their turns – everyone plays together. By providing such a situation, the stylistic qualities that make Cajun music unique are preserved and perpetuated.

And why not preserve such a wonderful culture? Especially when our music, language and lifestyles are of such richness when compared to mainstream American culture. So come on over and join in helping us celebrate this wonderful heritage.

So come on over, get yourself a cup of coffee, a piece of boudin, set yourself down and get yourself ready for an experience you’ll always cherish. But heed this warning, once you experience the Saturday Morning Jam Session, you won’t be able to plan Saturdays for anything else because you’ll want to return here over and over again.

Located East of Eunice on Hwy 190

For more information call Savoy Music Center at (337)457-9563 or visit their site HERE