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Recreational Programs

Eunice is blessed with having numerous recreation areas in the city. These are facilities for children, teenagers and adults alike to use and enjoy. These areas are maintained by the city and individual volunteers throughout the city. Volunteers donate their time to help upkeep some of these parks. In all Eunice has 6 tennis courts, 11 ball parks (softball & baseball ) throughout the city, 2 covered pavilions, 1 basketball court, 6 children’s playgrounds, 3 picnic areas with covered tables, 1 walking trail with a fishing pond, 1 city lake and 1 golf course.

Eunice also has a new Recreation Baseball/Softball Complex located at 461 Sittig Road, Eunice, LA. This facility is used for baseball, softball and soccer events.

We are proud to have these recreation areas available to the citizens and visitors of Eunice for their use. Listed below are the parks locations. Listed next to the photos are the locations of each.

If you have any questions you can call the Recreation Office @ 337-457-0027 or E-Mail us @